Advanced Lightroom
Jim Henderson

This two-day workshop picks up where the Intro Workshop ends; working in the Develop Module.  Like the previous course, the instructor will provide each participant with a special Lightroom Catalog that includes all of the advanced workshop content.  This way, everyone is able to work on the same images as the instructor; whose computer screen is mirrored on a 65” HDTV screen! 


Most of the Saturday Session is devoted to making global, regional, and local enhancements for image optimization. The Adjustment Brush and the Graduated Filter will be covered in detail.  Included is a through coverage of Lightroom’s new HDR and Panorama features.   


The Sunday Session introduces the concept of using external applications as plugins to Lightroom, such as PhotoShop, Portrait Professional Pro, Photomatics, Perfect Photo Suite, etc.  The topic of color management is introduced and discussed.


Lunch included on Saturday

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