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Dana Scott

Dana Scott, is a professional photographer who opened DMS Creative Solutions, a full service photography studio and training center in Fayetteville, GA.  DMS Creative Solutions provides event, wedding, commercial, and portrait photography; along with studio rental, editing, retouching and printing services. Dana has been an avid photographer since high school (film days) and began shooting professionally in 2007. She currently shoots for the Fayetteville News, Today in Peachtree City, The NAACP, The Oasis Montage Magazine, The Oasis Montage Performing Arts Center, and the Kedron Living magazine.

Dana also shoots, events, weddings, portraits and commercial photography. 


Dana conducts community based training with several organizations to include the Fayette County Library, Fayette Senior Services Center, Fayette County Parks and Recreation and the Oasis Performing Arts Center.


Dana serves as the president of two local photography clubs (The Fayette Photographic Society and The Creative Photo Den).

Jim Henderson 

Jim Henderson is an accomplished photographer located in LaGrange, Georgia.  His passion for photography and his willingness to share his knowledge led to the development of a robust series of photography workshops and courses at Callaway Gardens.  In addition, Jim conducts his own on-location landscape photography workshops throughout the country.  Jim uses Adobe Lightroom and PhotoShop to post-process his incredible landscape images.  This purpose of this workshop is to instruct participants in the use of PhotoShop as a pluggin to Lightroom.  The focus is on fundamental skills and will include the use of various cloning techniques, using layers, and layer masks.

Eric Allen

I’m Eric Allen an amateur photographer from Atlanta, GA.  Originally I started in photography in my early twenties shooting film in 35mm format using an Asahi Pentax SpotMatic SP with a Super-Takumar f1.4 50mm lens.  My shooting was very casual and infrequent as I was pursing an Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Alabama. 

After mostly shooting point and shoot film and digital cameras for many years as well as a few different movie cameras to record my family journeys, my photography interest was renewed in 2013 by the encouragement of a good friend resulting in the purchase of a Canon 70D DSLR.  Since then I have spent many hours and thousands of shots later learning and perfecting the operations of my camera as well as the art of photo composition, the operation of Adobe Lightroom, and the use and operations of many other pieces of related gear.   Someone suggested I may have GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  It is true, but I have found it is controllable with regular treatments of Retail Therapy. 

My photography interest vary widely, but mostly I enjoy wildlife and nature.  However, as of late, most of my shooting has been family photography. 

Bob Curry

Bob Curry has been a photographer for over 50 years. His first job in high school was at a camera store, where he started learning the craft. He used those skills in the Army, where he did photography for the 4/63rd Armor Regiment, and developed them further in the Fine Arts program at the University of Texas at Dallas.

He is an active member of the North American Nature Photographers Association. His recent one-man exhibit at the Bath House Gallery in Dallas, “Predators and Pollinators,” featured the beauty and mystery of the insect world.

Bob loves sharing his knowledge. He has taught art since the 1980s, and technology and cyber security since the 1990s. 

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