Off Camera Flash (2.5 Hrs) 


We show you how to get professional lighting results by using just one or two strobes that are detached from the camera and triggered remotely by Canon, Nikon, Sony digital SLRs. Off-Camera Flash covers how to improve the appearance of photos taken indoors, and reduce the appearance of harsh shadows, and get soft, beautiful light that flatters any subject. Along the way, learn lighting fundamentals and how to assemble a kit of equipment essential to any digital photographer who shoots portraits.


Topics include:

  • Comparing off-camera flash to on-camera flash

  • Getting started with equipment

  • Triggering a remote flash

  • Shooting with off-camera lighting

  • Balancing the output from multiple flashes

  • Simplifying exposure with various flash systems

  • Viewing the results from a shoot

  • Sharing favorite shots on Instagram

Fee - $125